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Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Creative Hoarding Graphics

The world of advertising is constantly changing in line with developments in technology. New forms of media are emerging all the time, yet one form of out-of-home (OOH) marketing never goes out of fashion – advertising hoardings.

These protective panels around construction sites offer an opportunity for companies to build brand awareness in a creative way and reach the wider public. Here is how to incorporate originality into hoarding graphics to grab your audience’s attention.

Tell your brand story

Every successful brand has a story to tell. It’s what differentiates it from the competitors and attracts the target demographic. Making this narrative the heart of the brand image helps tie together the entire marketing campaign through brand matching and also feeds into designing advertising hoardings.

Due to the size and prominence of hoardings, they allow brands to display their messages 24/7 on a large scale, generating excitement and driving footfall for months before any site opens.

Hoardings provide an outlet to tell that story in a creative and engaging way, as hoarding graphics are memorable and can reach a wide audience in your local area. You don’t have to tell the whole the story in one hoarding graphic, rather, focus on one element of it and build an emotional connection.

In order to tell the story effectively, use a mix of engaging copy and imagery. Keep your intended viewer in mind when crafting your OOH message, and if humour is appropriate, don’t shy away from using it. You need to be able to stand out amongst the saturated mix of OOH advertising and help your audience break away from the monotony of life by using fun and engaging messaging.

Play with the format

One of the best things about advertising hoardings is that they provide you with a lot of room for creativity, making use of the long, large format.

Usually, hoarding graphics feature the branding, logo, call to action (CTA), and essential details of your business, such as the name, the address, and the phone number. Nevertheless, you have complete creative freedom over what you display on them.

Because of the format, you can really showcase uniqueness. As part of our work with Greggs, we manufactured unique and eye-catching hoardings surrounding the site of their new flagship store on Leicester Square, London. The hoarding graphic presented a signature steak bake peeping out from an XL Greggs takeaway bag, which is what the brand is often associated with, thus creating an emotional response in the audience.

Our hoarding graphics are also extremely versatile in terms of installation, as they can be engineered for solar/UV control, weather-proofing, or to be graffiti proof. They have a long life span and won’t discolour, shrink, fade, or chalk. When you decide to change them, they’re easy to take off and replace with new imagery.

Use them all year round

Generally, hoarding graphics are used on construction sites and are a great way to generate interest around your new location. Use them to display opening dates and hint how exciting the new premises will be. You are sure to be noticed, as hoarding graphics are on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alongside creating hype around your new site, you can use hoarding graphics to promote a new product or offers. Install them on the side of your store to catch the eye of passersby.

You can also invest in installing hoarding graphics in other locations away from your premises. This will create even bigger brand awareness and a cohesive marketing campaign.

Site hoarding graphics have a host of benefits for your business and are a great marketing tool. You can reach a wide audience really fast in a cost-effective way and make a memorable impression. Make sure you tell your brand story and use them in a creative way all year round for an effective marketing campaign.




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