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2022 Hotels Interior Design and Surface Trends

2022 is looking beyond exciting in terms of interior design and surface trends. We will see a reiteration of the sustainable and biophilic designs, alongside tributes to the home manifested in commercial spaces, and a splash of an artistic streak.

Here are the top interior design and surface trends that are dominating the hospitality sector in 2022, so that you can get your designing game up to par.

Biophilia meets sustainability

In 2021, the biophilic design took the world by force and is here to stay in 2022. This design principle calls upon bringing the outdoors inside. It’s a decision that looks to reinstate our connection with the natural world. The use of organic, eco-friendly materials, natural textures, and lots of greenery invites a more sustainable approach to designing spaces.

Michelle Ogundehin, a thought leader in interiors and trends, also sees the intrinsic connection between the biophilic design and sustainability. “Even at the luxury end of the market, notions of repair, recycling, and re-use will predominate with the emphasis on the uniqueness of the remade product. There will be no loss of style or quality. It will be the same artisans crafting the products,” says Ogundehin.

Novograf’s products reinforce the three Rs, with an additional R added to the mix, standing for “rethink”. The sustainability aspect comes from the approach towards repairing the products easily and extending their life span by up to 20 years. 

Our 3D emulations can significantly adhere to the biophilic design, especially in the hospitality sector, where surfaces are at the forefront. Hotels cater to today’s eco-conscious consumer through implementing natural, uncut materials into surfaces. At the Surface Design Show we attended this year, visitors showed a keen interest in our wood effect emulations. Cork flooring is another big trend we are seeing this year, which has astute eco credentials and natural thermal properties.

What is also prominent for the biophilic design is the use of textures that come in the form of curtains, rugs, organic bedding, and textured brick effect.

The Leman Locke hotel in East London, for example, beautifully incorporates the biophilic design into its living and commercial spaces. Wooden flooring is a must, complemented by soft, natural colours all around and lots of greenery. This is the first biophilic hotel in London that was launched on 19th October 2019 and has led by example.

Lobby with a new purpose

The 2022 business ambience, or as it’s often referred to as the “new normal” indicates a shift in the purpose of hotel lobbies. Today, more and more people work from home and more and more business people are lured into travelling for leisure and refreshment. Combine the two and you have the long-term business traveller who is wanting to extend their trip.

Hotels need to respond to new demands by creating a space where travellers can bring their work. The lobby must become the alternative office, a top-notch coworking space. 

Long tables can be used as desks for business meetings, and ergonomic furniture can provide comfort. Lighting is also really important in your hotel coworking space. Tall ceilings with accessible controls are ideal, but natural lighting is essential, as it helps guests focus more.

Zoning is also important in terms of providing versatile room configurations, such as meeting rooms, media space, coffee breaks, etc. To easily achieve that, use partitions and dividers, which are incredibly convenient and add an extra design flavour to your space.

According to Elyza Falzon, Hilton’s vice president, “locally inspired design elements such as artwork, millwork, and pops of colour are key”. An accent custom wall art can go a long way in facilitating a trendy lobby.

The White City House hotel, located in former BBC Television Center in London, has everything you need for a productive day and a home-away-from-home feel. The dedicated coworking space Soho Works White City features an area with hot desks and long tables with chairs, bookable meeting rooms, a study, private phone booths, and even podcast recording equipment. The design is simple, fusing biophilia with accent art walls. 

Make yourself at home

Recently, we’ve paid a lot of attention to our home environment, and that welcoming home aesthetic is feeding into hotel interior designs.

When designing hotel rooms, it’s important to recreate the comfort and serenity of the home atmosphere without risking the appearance of novelty. Use a warm colour palette and superb décor, matched with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

The bathroom exudes the atmosphere of wellness that guests are looking for. It’s not just about functionality but also relaxation. With that in mind, make sure you add versatile plumbing, such as a bathtub and a shower area with a spa effect. The tiles are the centrepiece of the bathroom, so go for innovative tile designs, such as our green crackled tile effect emulations. Match them with extraordinary décor, featuring plants, vases, designer lights, and bath rugs, as well as technology in the likes of a smart radio or a smart TV.

Your hotel space provides a blank canvas to facilitate a top-notch hospitality experience. Through innovative interior and surface design, you can chime in the latest trends and make your guests feel at home.









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