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Novograf Showcasing Innovations at the Surface Design Show


We are excited to announce that for the first time ever, Novograf will be presenting at the Surface Design Show running between 8th and 10th February 2022. Amidst creativity and innovation, we will showcase a selection of our 3D surface solutions which blend both customer experience and the latest industry advancements.

The event will be packed full of surface design experts who have harnessed their creative flair to amalgamate talent and innovation. We are excited to be joining a hub of creatives, where we can share our current and future projects and contribute to an industry that is beyond flourishing. All of this is done with one mission in mind – improving your surface design experience through our products and services.

What is the Surface Design Show?

The Surface Design Show, is a leading UK exhibition trade show, taking place at the Business Design Centre in London. It’s an opportunity for architects and interior designers to meet and update on the best in surface material innovation.

Featuring over 150 companies and organisations, a flow of inspiration runs through the space, while the audiences intermingle and talented speakers educate about the latest innovations in the industry.

The team is beyond excited to shine a spotlight on our products, future plans, and company ethos. Novograf sees the Surface Design Show as an opportunity to not only network with designers, architects, and design houses but also to inspire and be inspired. We look forward to sparking fruitful conversations with creatives, whom we share the same passion with, and contributing to the growth of the surface design community.

We will also be sharing the direction Novograf is taking as a business and a leader in 3D surface design.

What you will see from us

Novograf offers a wide range of products and services, from graphics and business signage to design and project management. We specialise in commercial surface design solutions, powered by an excellent team of experts in the field. At the Surface Design Show, we will be showcasing our gamut of emulations which aim to transcend brand identity into captivating design concepts and exciting environments while fusing aesthetics with functionality.

Novograf stands out amongst its competitors in that our expert team can turn your surface design vision into a reality. We design an array of cutting-edge surface emulations, from marble and slate to wood and tile effect. That way, we allow customers to transform their space from head to toe without jeopardising their design concept.

Novograf is excited to present its wide range of surface solutions for interior design at the Surface Design Show. The event is also a great opportunity to get an insight into the latest surface design innovations, which can then inform our product development process. It’s our mission to be continuously evolving and offering our customers high-quality, state-of-the art surface solutions.

With sustainability in mind

Apart from innovation and versatility, Novograf’s products also have the benefit of sustainability added to the mix, and they last between 10 and 20 years. In fact, we see the sustainable nature of our surface solutions as a prime example of innovation, and that’s also a focal point of discussion at the event. Given the current climate change situation, we are glad that we can do our bit for the environment through the longevity of our products.

Novograf offers an alternative to real design surfaces through emulations. They look and feel the same as the ‘real deal’, and on top of that have an extended shelf life with 5 to 10 years. They’re incredibly durable, anti-graffiti, and anti-scar.

Apart from harnessing the power of the three Rs – reuse, recycle, and replace – our sustainability practice branches out into an additional R – rethink. In case the products get damaged, they can easily be repaired, thus extending their lifespan, combating waste, andsustaining the planet. That way, our surface solutions are designed with a sustainability approach ingrained in them, which might not come across the traditional way.

Branching out to new spaces and industries

While Novograf has been dominating the retail space, its surface design solutions are a great fit for a variety of spaces and industries. Shopping centres, stadiums, offices, and buildings are all spaces that can utilise the future of surface design solutions – sustainable emulations.

Through branching out to new spaces, we aim to offer our customers a full-range experience that goes beyond the confines of retail. In this day and age, people are looking for an all-immersive design journey regardless of the industry they specialise in, and we want to provide them with that.

The Surface Design Show is a great opportunity to expand on that conversation with industry experts so that we can both individually and collectively take surface design to the next level.

Novograf is really looking forward to joining all the creatives at the Surface Design Show, and we hope to see you there too.

In the next blog post, we will share what we are expecting from the Surface Design Show and what surface design innovations are in store for you!





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