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Expecting Innovation and Inspiration at the Surface Design Show

The news about Novograf attending the Surface Design Show is still filling the air with excitement. In our previous blog, we shared with you why we’re attending the event and what’s in it for you.

Today, we want to talk more about what we expect to see in terms of innovation and how Novograf fits into the hub of creatives leading the way towards reimagining surface design solutions.

Breathing life into surface innovation

The motto of the Surface Design Show is “Bringing surfaces back to life”. As an integral part of the surface design industry, we are excited to see how our collective creative work is breathing life into surfaces and reimagining spaces. Our mission is to help customers design environments they thrive in through imaginative, high-quality surface solutions.

In order to continuously improve our products and work towards our mission, we have adopted an innovation-first, customer-centric mindset. And that’s exactly what the Surface Design Show is all about. With over 150 companies and organisations exhibiting at the SDS22, and even more people attending the event, we’re excited to step into a hub of inspiration and innovation and add value to the industry.

Where to spot us?

Over the course of two days and three nights, the Surface Design Show organisers have prepared a mixture of thought-provoking debates, industry-led talks, live surface presentations, and a space for participants to showcase their surface solutions.

One of the highlights of the event is the Surface Spotlight Live, located right in the centre of the Show and curated by trend and colour expert Sally Angharad, and it is sure to be a show-stopper. The SSL provides designers, architects, and organisations with a “hands-on” experiential journey through new and innovative materials.

The theme of the Surface Spotlight Live is “Sense of Place”, which explores our connection with the earth. Through a selection of surfaces, materials, and finishes, we will be able to see and feel the fusion of ethical innovation and design solutions with the environment in mind.

Cohesive with the theme of the Surface Spotlight Live, our products blend high-end designs with a sustainable concept and application.

Novograf is going to showcase a selection of 3D surface solutions at a dedicated stand at the Surface Design Show. Three walls covered in our best designs will demonstrate the quality and creativity of Novograf’s work. Complemented by a digital brochure and numerous samples of our products, we’re going to provide audiences with an immersive experience of our surface design solutions. You can see a selection of our display here. If you’re unable to attend the show and see us in person, you can take a look at our digital stand here.

Adding value to the industry

The intermingling of nature and design inventions is explored beyond the Surface Spotlight Live. In fact, it is the focal point of the Opening Night Debate on Tuesday, 8 February and is also dominant in the industry expert talks taking place at the Main Stage over the two days.

The theme of the Opening Night Debate is “Climate Change and Future Proofing”. It aims to spark conversations around the longevity and adaptability of current projects, as well as to ensure that they have a commercial value that’s future-proofed against climate change.

Novograf is proud that our current and future projects take that sustainability notion to heart, and that we can add a significant value to the growth of the industry. Our 3D surface emulations have a long shelf life with years of additional life compared to ‘real’ materials. They have UV resistant, anti-microbial, and anti-graffiti properties, ensuring they won’t fade, shrink, or show signs of wear and tear for many years to come. Moreover, our 3D panels are produced by our solar-powered factory with high efficiency, meaning as little waste as possible.

Novografreinforces the three Rs – reduce, recycle, reuse – with an additional R added to the mix, which stands for “rethink”. Sometimes, the sustainability impact might not come directly from the product build itself but from the approach towards repairing the products and extending their life span. That way, we’re combatting waste and sustaining the planet.


With eyes on the future, the Surface Design Show is leading the way in surface innovation and designing spaces with sustainability in mind. Novograf is excited to be a part of not only a UK-leading event but an industry that creatively considers the connection between interior design, space, humanity, and nature. Come and see what the future of surface design holds!












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