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Between 7th and 11th February, Novograf attended the Surface Design Show in London: an event packed with creatives, inspiring conversations, and the latest innovation in surface design. As soon as we came back, we felt the brimming inspiration that only such an enlightening event can bring about.

We are grateful to those who attended and conversed with us about our products. We had plenty of discussion about how they fit into the latest innovations in surface design. Here is what will be trending, what visitors were attracted to, and what will be dominating the surface design space this year.

Conversations that inspire

During the opening ceremony on 7th February, we met several interior designers, commercial designers, and architects, who specialise in an array of industries. During our conversations, one thing became apparent: there is avid market interest for both commercial and residential designs, and our products fit both categories.

Over the course of the Surface Design Show, we were constantly welcoming visitors to our stand and discussing our products and the latest updates in the industry. A total of 5,000 people attended the SDS, and we got hundreds of leads through all our channels, including our physical and virtual stands, and a QR code.

According to the interior designers we spoke with, they particularly favoured the customisation aspect of Novograf’s products. We are able to make whatever effect customers want into a reality. By contrast, other surface design manufacturers are confined to the particular set of products they offer. Many designers and architects pointed out that our 3D surface emulations are ideal not only for commercial spaces but also for home interiors, which is a direction Novograf is actively branching out to include.

The 3D emulations showstoppers and upcoming trends

At the Surface Design Show, visitors gravitated to our two hero pieces: the colourful face on the wall illustration and the wave effect wall. The former is completely customisable, from the construction materials to the design. Choose from class O-rated, anti-UV ray, anti-graffiti, or decorative materials depending on your needs. The same goes for the design. You can fully customise the tile size, the artwork, and even the colour of the grout.

In terms of the small sample panels we brought, visitors were primarily attracted by the wood tile effect and the crackled tiles emulations. This behaviour reveals the upcoming trends in interior design, which are wood, tile, and concrete. This return to natural, uncut materials is yet another reinforcement of the focus on sustainability that is seen throughout surface designs.

In the past year, we’ve seen that biophilic design has been on the rise and is here to permeate both commercial and residential spaces in 2022 too. Biophilic design looks to integrate sustainable materials and earthy elements into our immediate spaces, thus bringing nature inside. According to Michelle Ogundehin, thought leader in interior design trends, the biophilic design principle fused with sustainability will be dominating the 2022 design trends.

“Even at the luxury end of the market, notions of repair, recycling, and re-use will predominate with the emphasis on the uniqueness of the remade product. There will be no loss of style or quality. It will be the same artisans crafting the products,” says Michelle Ogundehin. And that’s at the core of Novograf’s products, which are also ideal for recreating the biophilic design.

Focal point: sustainability

The main focus of the event was sustainability. From cardboard and wool to recycled glass and plastic, we saw a gamut of eco-friendly innovative materials being showcased in the surface design industry. These will be the upcoming spring trends for this year.

Novograf’s products also take a thoughtful approach to the sustainability aspect of surface designs. Our 3D emulations have a long lifespan because you can repair and replace damaged patches without disposing of the whole product. This makes them last 5 to 10 years longer than raw materials.

Once the products reach the end of their life cycle, we don’t dispose of them. Most of them are made from plastic, so we help cutting companies recycle and upcycle old fridges and freezers, thus giving them a longer life. We noticed a particular interest in visitors to our stand in terms of the manufacturing process.

We are proud to have worked on leading sustainability projects that help preserve the planet. For example, Novograf teamed up with VivaRail for COP26 to add graphics for their new sustainable zero-emission battery trains built from reused parts. We covered and renewed these second-hand parts fit for their second life on the battery train, which was an exciting project to work on.


The Surface Design Show presented both Novograf and the visitors with the opportunity to update on the latest in surface design. We networked, we showcased a wide variety of products, and, most importantly, we took endless inspiration to fuel our future products with innovation. We are looking forward to next year’s event, and until then, keep following our work.







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