Our Sustainability Journey.

For many years, Novograf has been working towards a greener future, striving for best in class from order raising to completed installation.

In 2004, Novograf was one of the first industrial graphics companies to be awarded the internationally renowned standard ISO14001.

Our manufacturing approach through Lean has always been to remove waste, both process and product.   We seek the most efficient method of manufacture governed by individual design to maximise material usage and minimise wastage.  Offcuts from clever nesting techniques are kept and used elsewhere.  We strive to “make right first time”.  We reuse packaging.  We question and challenge methodologies and practices.   All these small measures combined has resulted in <0.73% wastage in the last 12 months and challenging targets for the future.

In Scotland, there is a target protocol of zero landfill by 2024.  For Novograf, zero to landfill will result in an anticipated 25% to incineration.  All our materials contain a calorific value that offers power to homes through incineration.

Where possible, we use non-pvc products.  Our base materials contain 30% recycled materials and our polyesters can be recycled.

Our branded Lamigraf™ product uses hard coated-PET, which contains 30% recycled polymer, polycarbonates and polypropylenes.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to achieve robust material performance, dimensional stability, commercial viability and sustainability.

Novograf has an ongoing R&D innovation pathway with our key suppliers.  We have future offerings in the development pipeline considering 100% recyclable products.

In 2015, we proactively invested in solar panels which allow us to run the factory and output to the grid for three quarters of the year.  Since 2014, our print equipment has been specified to run using UV Led low energy curing as opposed to Mercury Vapour.

The journey towards Net-Zero is supported by our ability to offer customers options to conserve, protect and extend the life of existing wall panels, doors, counters and numerous other furniture items.  Changing the colour and brand design no longer means throw out and replace with new.  Good news for the environment and the budget.

Further, our material does not need to be removed when designs change – we can just go over the top with a fresh layer of material.

We are based in the UK reducing carbon footprint as well as lead-times.

As an employee-owned company, Novograf values are at the forefront of our daily activities as we work with our customers to achieve their targets through Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Rethink.

Accreditations and Standards; ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
We have a number of health and safety accreditations you can trust; Novograf are Altius, Construction Line and Safe Contractor accredited, meaning we are a validated member of high quality construction suppliers you can confidently engage with making your supply chain safer, providing transparent assessment reports to the highest ISO 9001 standard. We are also Considerate Constructors accredited, ensuring reduced risk and improved safety and sustainability on all projects.

You are in good company…

Having been around for 35 years we have worked with the biggest names in the country:

waitrose clients of Novograf
Sainsbury Logo clients of Novograf
Wh Smith clients of Novograf
William Hill clients of Novograf
First clients of Novograf
Travelodge clients of Novograf
Gregs client of Novograf
Royal bank of Scotland Novograf client
Accor Hotels Clients of Novograf

Making your ideas a reality.

Our clients benefit from our ability to be flexible, reliable and produce the highest quality of bespoke surface and graphic solutions to order and install. Having our full team in house from designers to printers and manufacturers we offer our clients a wealth of experience and service from design to roll out.
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