Custom Fixtures and Fittings

We Design Bespoke Fixtures & Fittings

With our expert designers, engineers and manufacturers on hand, we are able to offer a realistic look and feel to unique fixtures. Whether you are looking at wooden beams to hang from a ceiling or a steel roof effect.

Custom Wall Panels

In addition, our custom wall panels come in timber, stone and metal effects, and are quick and easy to install. Avoiding extended downtime and wet work, it’s a mess-free way to get the look and feel you need.

On-Brand Feature

Offering a range of print, designs and textures, our customisable service gives you that on-brand feature that fits your brief exactly. We can work with your brand colour palette and support your project with our in-house design, manufacture and install team.

Personalised Service

Our team can take your idea and design something personalised, we can work with you to create custom fixtures and fittings that are lightweight and durable, in any shape, size, and design you can imagine.

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room divider screens

no wet trade

no wet trade

Easy to install

Easy to install

Easy to Maintain

Easy to maintain



Custom Fixtures and Fittings FAQ’s

Can you match my sample?

Yes we can match your sample in look and colour we can add in custom effects if you require them.

Where can these be installed?

These can be installed on walls, ceilings, counters, floors and beams. If you have another location in mind please ask and we will make it happen.

Can I create my own design?

Yes you can create your own design. Our in house team will then draw up a draft for you to agree on.

How long will these fixtures last?

The fixtures and fittings are made on durable hardwearing materials that can last years if taken care of correctly

Custom Fixtures, Durable & Easy to Install

With our custom fixtures we are able to create the same look and feel without the difficult building work or having the issues around installing heavy facias on to brick work or wood beams.
Our custom fixtures are easy to maintain and lightweight but at the same time extremely durable and will enhance any store giving you the ultimate finish and adding to the look and feel of your store.

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