Frequently Asked Questions

What Fire Ratings do the products have?

Our products come with varying fire safety ratings. To find out the best product for you we would discuss your current fire management regimen and recommend a product based around this.

Can you do a national roll out?

Yes, we work with several large companies with a wide spread of estates to transform and ensure consistency in each location on strict timelines. We have a dedicated team of installers who are on call to complete national roll outs anywhere in the UK.

Are your floor graphics nonslip?

We offer a range of floor graphics that are up to and above health and safety standards. We will discuss with you your requirements and ensure that our products is up to your requirements.

What is the lead time from initial quote to install?

We are accustomed to working to very strict timelines, we can work with you and any other parties to ensure that your timeframes are met. Once you have approved the design it is a very quick process.

What are the design capabilities that you have?

With our design team being in house and our unique printing tech, we can offer almost any shape, size, colour and texture of sign/graphic/surface. Our team are experts at replicating woodgrains, glowing effects, colour matching, brick effects, etc. We have yet to find a sample we can’t match.

How do you make your products?

Your finished design will be created on one of our signature products, a base material for your design to be printed on ranging from vinyl, to aluminium composite or acrylic. For signage and graphics, our team will select a lightweight, durable base and build up a stunning print on its surface; or for emulations, our team will carve any texture in if needed, then print your design in amongst the textured surface.

Are you able to help with my design and build projects?

Yes, this is subject to scoping. As with all our design and build jobs we would scope the project before commencing with the project, and we can work with your designers and builders if necessary.

Do you have an install team?

Yes, we have our own install team who are dedicated to working with you and ensuring the end product is installed quickly, correctly and meets your requirements.

Can I use the products with my own contractor?

Yes you can however we have a dedicated install team who are trained in correct application of our products. In the case you need to use your own contractors, we can provide install directions.

Will my business have to close for the install?

No, as our products do not require any wet trade you can keep your business open, or we can transform your location in one nightshift.

How are the products installed?

The products come in sheets and panels so are easy for our install team to mount to the wall. We have a number of installation methods including adhesive and magnetics – your new design can be up within a couple of hours.

Can I create my own effect and designs?

Yes, you can create your own bespoke effects and designs. We will work to match any sample that you provide us. If you want to go completely custom we can assist with the design.

How do you replicate a sample?

Our in house design team will work with you throughout the process to gain an understanding of what look or functionality you want through various references you like, designing and engineering a draft for your approval.

Why should I choose this over wet-trade/building work?

There are a few reasons we would suggest using a Novograf product rather than building work. You don’t need to close your venue to allow builders to come in and work, your store can be completely transformed in a few hours, the products are much more durable than traditional building works and it will be more cost effective for you, especially if applying these changes to multiple locations or venues.

Do you cover outside of the UK?

Yes, we can cover anywhere in the world with prior notice to allow for shipping.

Is there a PVC free option?

Yes we have a PVC free version of our vinyl products. This can be discussed with one of our dedicated team when you are scoping out your project.

Are they easy to maintain?

All of our products require little to no maintenance and are extremely durable. Novograf emulations call for much less care than a traditional porous timber or fragile tile.

How long will the products last?

Our products are extremely durable and will last a number of years. We have designed the products to be long lasting and we have a range of weather-proofing, graffiti-proofing and solar protection to extend the life of your product.

If anything happens to my products once installed, what do I do?

We offer a guaranteed service to resolve any issues after installation, your personal project manager will be on hand to help with anything you need throughout your project. In the event there is an issue please don’t hesitate to contact your project manager directly and we will work to resolve any issues.

How soon will I have my new product?

We aim to have everything designed and installed within 2 weeks. This timeframe is subject to change depending on timescales, approvals and the complexity of the job.