Custom Wood Grain Effect Designs

Your bespoke alternative to traditional wood. A cost-effective, time saving alternative surface material for your interiors.

3D Effect

Our state of the art facility can produce a 3D timber texture match. Printing your perfect colour and milling away the surface to create grooves, achieving a flawless finish.

Cost-effective Alternative

This product is much more cost-effective than rolling out a raw timber in all your locations. Natural wood is expensive, porous, and may conflict with your fire safety requirements.

Our wood effect panels are perfect for point of sale; walls; working surface; cafes; retail; leisure and more. And with no install down-time for your business they’re a time saving option.

We also supply custom Wall Graphics.

Wood effect sign with 'The Cafe' written on it in red
graphic design matching service

Cost-Effective Bespoke 3D Tile Effect

Replica tile panels are a cost-effective, time saving alternative to traditional ceramic tiles.

Exact Match

An exact match can be made to your existing sample or to your branded colours.  A 3D effect is achieved by milling a crease where the grout would be for depth, and edges are angled to catch the light.

This is a great solution for out of stock tiles or materials that have been discontinued.

Reducing Downtime

Also, single tiles can be expensive and fragile and installation is labour intensive and takes up valuable time. There is virtually no downtime, waste or mess with the installation of tile-effect panels.

Our tile effect panels are suitable for feature walls; counters; point of sale; working surfaces; cafeterias; retail; commercial locations and more.

Custom Textured Brick Effect

Do you want a custom brick feature wall in your premises, but find that brick is costly and time consuming?

3D Brick Panels

Replica brick panels are a time-saving, cost-effective alternative. And with 3D brick panels it’s very hard to tell the difference. By milling where the mortar joints would be, dimension and depth is added for a realistic look.

If you have a sample of a brick you love, we can match it with a perfect print or work with you to create a custom brick effect.

Time Saving

This product is much more cost effective than rolling out a brick install operation in all your locations. With very little downtime, this is a convenient, time-saving product with little waste or mess.

textured brick effect
metal effect

Metal Effect Custom Designs

Metal ‘effect’ products can be used for space dividers, or to add atmosphere to your location.

Custom Design

Our factory can produce a realistic 3D steel or iron effect grill, cut out to various shapes. Whatever your project requirement, we can work with you to create a custom metal effect product.

Cost-Effective Alternative

This product is much more cost effective than rolling out a metal install operation in all your locations. Metal effect products are suitable for feature walls; space dividers; partitions; décor; commercial locations and more. And they’re  quick and easy to install.

Marble and Slate Effect Panels

Your flagship store has used marble or slate but it’s not cost effective to use it in every location…

Lightweight Alternative

We can create a lightweight, easy install custom marble or slate ‘effect’ alternative.  Achieving  a perfect colour match, we work with your sample or can develop a custom design. It’s also a great option if the traditional material is too heavy to be supported in the space.

Reducing Downtime

This product is much more cost effective than rolling out a marble install in all your locations. Installation of metal or stone materials are expensive, and will require down time for your business.

With this product, there is little downtime and much less waste and mess.

Our slate or custom marble effect panels are perfect for point of sale; walls; working surfaces; counters; counter tops; cafes; retail; leisure locations and more.

Marble and slate effect



Fire safety rated

Fire safety rated

Natural finish

Natural finish

No down-time for install

No down-time for install

What are Emulations?


Cost-effective, planet-friendly: An alternative commercial wall covering to traditional surface materials.

‘Emulations’ is our way of saying ‘replica’ or ‘effect’. Our textured panels are effective at replicating the look of various timbers, brick, tile, or stone. But unlike the original, there is far less cost or down-time during installation.

Creating a Match

We use a sample of a natural material to create a match in one of our more durable, lightweight, easy install products.

We also manufacture custom fixtures and fittings to match perfectly with your new feature wall.

Some walls and working surfaces call for wood or tile, but wood is porous and tiles are fragile.

Our emulations are affordable, durable, quick to install and require little to no maintenance.

We ’emulate’ the texture of a wide variety of raw materials for an on-brand look in your locations.

Take a look at our brand matching service.

Emulations FAQ’s

Can you match a sample if I provide this?

Yes, we can match almost any sample that you have. With our state-of-the-art print capabilities and design service we will match your sample and provide you with a mock-up of your new design in our lightweight, durable materials.

Are these easy to maintain?

Yes, all of our emulations are high quality and require little to no maintenance. They also are extremely difficult to damage so you have added peace of mind that once your design is installed it won’t get damaged. In the case they do get damaged we offer quick and easy repair service.

How long do these take to make?

We can work to your schedule; we are accustomed to working with and delivering on very strict timelines. Once we have had the initial design agreed and signed off it is a quick process from design to install.

Are these safe in the event of a fire?

Our products come with fire safety ratings. We can discuss with you at the time of the project what your current safety management plan is and offer you a variety of different products to meet your standards.

Are these products PVC free?

We offer a range of PVC free options this can be discussed with our design team.

How long will this last?

These products are made to last and come with a minimum guarantee of 5 years. Our products are also easy to replace in the event you’d like to update your locations.

Why choose this over building work?

Novograf products are quick and easy to install meaning you don’t need to close your store, or we can transform your location in an overnight shift.

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