Effect Matching

Replicating Surface Materials with ‘Effect’ Matching 

Ensure functionality as well as aesthetic appeal with a robust alternative to traditional wall coverings.

Durable, customised, replicas of traditional surface materials provide you with an alternative solution at a lower cost. And causing much less disruption, downtime and mess, this is a time saving option with a smaller environmental footprint.

‘Effect matching’ is a service that we offer to ensure that your sample is matched perfectly. Our team of designers have years of experience working with unique and hard to replicate samples to give you the same look and feel.

Time-saving alternatives to Traditional Finishes

We can create a range of designs and effects from timbers, tiles, bricks, marble etc – both flat and textured. When we are creating the ‘replicas’ we work with you throughout the development  stage for a perfect match with your colours and brand.

Alternative for Out of Stock Surface Materials

With supply chain problems and product ranges constantly changing, specified items can sometimes be hard to find. We work with designers and procurement teams to customise replicas of popular tile, wood and brick finishes to complete roll-outs at a reduced cost.

As well as effect matching we also offer a brand matching service

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custom design brand matching

Cost effective

Cost effective

Durable and lightweight

Durable and lightweight

Quick install

Quick install

Exact match

Exact match

Effect Matching FAQ’s

How do you match my sample?

Our in house team work with a number of design software package to ensure we have a direct match using your colours, texture and even shading on the sample.

Can you create a design if I don’t have a sample?

Yes we can create a design for you if you have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of the colours or effect whether its brick, tile etc. We can then create some designs for you to approve.

Will I see samples of the designs before they are made in to the product?

Yes we will show you samples and proofs of the work along the design process to ensure you are happy with the product and it’s a match for what you are looking for.

Can I create a custom effect?

Yes you can be as custom as you want to be. If you want to make your designs stand out and draw the customers eye to them.

Designing High Quality Effect Matching Solutions

As part of our process we take into consideration how the finished design will look under light and also how this will look to your customers.

With every design that we create we ensure that you can customise this along the way. Shadows can be added to emphasises the colours and depth of the design and give a high-quality finish.

If you have a specific colour palette that you want us to work to we are happy to work to these specific specs to ensure you get that brand look and feel you expect.

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