Beatson Cancer Charity

Needing a private space in their busy office, the team at Beatson Cancer Charity were delighted when a set of privacy office pods were donated. These provide a space for focused work, confidential phone calls or some quiet space to process difficult conversations.

But as the room in which the pods are situated doesn’t have a window, the room looked quite stark and bare. Providing a more appealing outlook, Novograf donated a printed wall mural with a scene of their choice. Picturesque Donegal provides the soothing, calming, view that now surrounds the pods.

Changing the mood, the colour and imagery has transformed a cold, clinical space into a peaceful sanctuary.

“Novograf as a business takes great pride in helping and supporting the incredible people that work and volunteer for the Beatson Cancer Charity. Whether brightening up the famous cafe, the work space of the staff, fundraising campaigns and most recently the interior decoration of the Pod Room, the personal touch was needed.  It’s vitally important that where possible we all do our bit no matter how small to support the Charity. Everyone at some time or another will see someone close to them diagnosed with cancer.”

Alan Marshall, Operations Director, Novograf

We are absolutely delighted with the printed wall murals donated by Novograf. The pod room is used by all staff at the charity and the beautiful scene of Donegal gives a peaceful feel to a room that once felt incredibly bare.

We are so grateful for the continued support Novograf shows our charity and look forward to continuing to work with the team in the future.

Linsey HannaBeatson Cancer Charity

Our printed wall murals are available in recycled polyester, which is 100% recyclable. A great choice for your interiors and the environment.








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