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3 Benefits of Custom Floor Graphics in Retail

In retail, the customer experience largely depends on the store layout and design. While we tend to pay extra attention to wall graphics and product positioning, which are incredibly important, we often neglect the floor space. However, every surface you have in your store is an opportunity to interact with your customers.

Incorporating floor graphics into your brick-and-mortar store has more benefits than you think and can give your marketing and customer flow a significant boost. Here are the top three perks of custom floor graphics.

Durable, sustainable, and easy-to-install

Floor graphics are vinyl stickers that are easily attached to the floor either magnetically or adhesively. They’re made to last and withstand a busy customer flow, featuring a see-through protective layer. This ensures that the floor graphics don’t get damaged.

Novograf’s floor graphics are scuff-resistant, hard-wearing, and are available in various anti-slip ratings, which makes them incredibly durable. This extends the lifespan of our products, so they are more sustainable, as we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a better future.

Once you decide to change your seasonal in-store branding, we can easily replace your custom floor graphics with more relevant designs. This is as easy as installing them, and our expert team of installers is always happy to help you.

Grab your customers’ attention

The fact that so many people are looking down at their mobile phones is to your advantage. In fact, it can make your floor graphics even more impactful. Looking down instead of around means that you can easily grab your customers’ attention with floor graphics.

You have complete creative freedom in terms of the shape, size, design, and messaging of the floor graphics you implement. We work alongside your design team to provide you with on-brand graphics that match the rest of your space, including wall graphics, internal and external graphics, and internal signage.

Floor graphics can make a huge impact. The brightly coloured, vivid graphics can quickly grab the attention of your store visitors, and they feel compelled to read them. Think of them as a graphic, eye-catching CTA that simply cannot be missed. But what’s the purpose of floor graphics?

Versatility at its core

Floor graphics are incredibly versatile. You need to think of a clear message that you want to convey because it’s down to the message of your graphic to lead to action once they’ve caught a customer’s eye.

Floor graphics can be used to convey a variety of messages.

Add a new theme to your store

Abandon the bland and plain flooring and instil some life and personality into your store space in line with your branding. During certain seasons and holidays, floor graphics can be used to subtly change the theme of your store.

In our work with Lego in its Liverpool store, we creatively used floor graphics to depict a printed road, on which a Lego car construction was positioned. This worked very well with the whole concept and attracted a lot of attention.

Great advertising space

The floor space can also be utilised for advertising. Let your customers know about your offers and products in a creative and eye-catching way. Floor graphics are significantly cheaper than radio, newspaper, TV, or other traditional advertisement channels, making them a cost-effective form of advertising that allows you to make the most of your retail space.

Wayfinding made simple

Another great use of floor graphics is for wayfinding. From arrows and footprints to standard text, you can easily guide your customers to find their way around your store, thus elevating the customer experience. You can also use floor graphics to strategically navigate your customers to specific product placements or sales.

Add character with graphic floors

Showcase your brand’s personality with the use of fully custom grahic floors designed to speak your brand’s voice. They can be as creative and loud as you wish or can fit a more minimalist and polished look, depending on your preferences. When it comes to custom floor graphics, only the sky is the limit.

As part of our work on the Greggs Tasty Café, we installed full floor graphics to match the signature look of the café and the rest of the design. Our custom flooring applications for pet store chain Pets at Home also demonstrate the transformative power of custom floor graphics. Their innovative anti-slip features ensure the safety of customers and staff alike, which makes them ideal for your store.

Floor graphics might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about your store layout and design. Nevertheless, they provide a host of opportunities for showcasing brand personality, grabbing your customers’ attention in a creative way, and enhancing the customer journey through wayfinding. Explore Novograf’s range of customer floor graphics and upgrade your store.

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