Case Study:


Partnering with Nandos at the start of the Covid pandemic, Novograf were commissioned to create bespoke social distancing checkout partitions to enable the restaurants to re-open safely. Novograf provided 800 on-brand Perspex till screens mounted on solid oak to over 400 restaurants and their head office on a very strict timeline, ensuring social distancing regulations were adhered to, and customers & staff could feel safer during the pandemic.

NANDOS – United Kingdom

At the start of the pandemic Nando’s needed to react quickly and install social distancing items to enable our restaurants to re-open as safely and quickly as possible.
Even though we introduced an ‘order at table’ App, there are situations where a customer may need to use the till on the servery so as a Nando’s Project Manager I was tasked with finding a screen type solution to allow customers to safely talk to our staff.
One of our designers created a heart shaped Perspex screen mounted into a solid oak base which needed developing into a product that could be made quickly.
I approached Novograf and advised them of our short timescales, delivery requirements/phasing etc. Novograf developed the screen in conjunction with us so that we could have something produced quickly and efficiently, ensuring they were fit for purpose whilst maintaining our brand and image.
The scale and speed of the project was challenging with over 800 screens going to more than 400 restaurants along with our Head Office in Putney where they were mounted onto the main reception desk ensuring the safety of our staff and visitors, as quickly as possible.
One of the main issues was the shortage of Perspex and timber throughout the UK and beyond, however Novograf managed to source and procure the correct materials and go into manufacture within days of our order.
Novograf worked closely with us throughout the project and the screens were manufactured and delivered to our tight schedule ready for our reopening dates.
With their friendly service and having expertise in products and design, I would definitely use Novograf in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

P.S.Project Manager, Nandos







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