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Spotting the 2023 Hospitality Interior Design Trends

In 2023, we’re seeing the symbiosis of creativity and innovation at its peak when it comes to interior design. The hospitality industry is borrowing some of the most exquisite and eye-catching design trends to create welcoming and inviting spaces for guests and clients.

Here are the top interior design trends that will be dominating the hospitality industry in 2023.


Return to nature

A few years ago we might have embraced a loud and rather eccentric colour palette in the hospitality industry, with a preference for bold tones such as red and black that scream opulence. In 2023, however, we’re shifting towards a more natural colour palette.

Earthy tones such as brown and beige create a sense of calm and connectedness with the natural world. They cater to a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that closely resembles home and has powerful stress-relief properties.

This play of earthy colours is achieved through the walls, flooring, textiles, and even furniture. Earthy tones are best paired with textures that enhance the colours’ perception. In 2023, sustainable wooden materials are having their moment.

Think wood effect emulations as flooring paired with Cosmic Latte walls and Sage Green curtains in rayon and matching linen bedding. Of course, this interior composition wouldn’t be complete without a chest of drawers in walnut brown that can easily be realised with wood emulations. 3D emulations are a great sustainable alternative to real materials, as they have a longer lifespan, can easily be replaced if damaged, and look just as effective.

In order to tap into this trend, embrace earthy colours and textures and be sure to keep up with the all-natural feel. The earthy tones design trend is perfect not only for hotels that have a wellness or forest retreat vibe but also for urban spaces that want to cultivate a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


Luxury wellness

Two of the most sought-after qualities of experience in the hospitality industry are wellness and luxury, and many hospitality spaces are redesigning their facilities to accommodate the rising demand.

From in-room spa treatments to developed fitness and wellness spaces, hotels are uplifting the experiences they provide. Advanced shower features, infinity pools, and a wide range of spa treatments are some of the features raising hotels’ chances of getting booked. Just like Michael Del Piero of Michael Del Piero good design in Chicago and The Hamptons says that we expect to see “tricked out gym spaces and in-home spas” in home interior design in 2023, the same wellness approach applies to hotels.

The décor and furnishings used in hospitality spaces are also reflective of this trend. A more zen-like environment is created by the use of organic and cosy materials such as cotton, wool and linen, and natural colour palettes. Wellness blue is also having its moment this year, and it can be incorporated into the bathroom, the bedroom, and into private spaces too. Two-colour tile emulations in green and blue, for example, can create the ultimate wellness atmosphere in a hotel bathroom. Lots of greenery and plants are also welcomed into luxury wellness spaces.


Art deco style incorporating modern features

In 2023, we’re taking an artistic approach to hospitality interior design. The art deco style, which originated in the 1920s and 1930s, is bringing opulence, glamour, and sophistication to hospitality spaces with the aim of creating more luxurious and exclusive spaces.

Guests and visitors are looking for outside-of-the-box hospitality experiences, and art deco design fused with other styles like mid-century modern and retro is breathing personality into current spaces.

The art deco design has a timeless appeal. It has a classic, elegant aesthetic that brings a sense of nostalgia and history to a space to help you deliver a unique hospitality experience.

It is differentiated by geometric shapes and patterns, bold colours, and exotic materials such as chrome and glass. Furniture in curved shapes and round edges matched with upholstery in zigzag patterns and sunburst motifs creates that truly luxurious feel.

The use of elements of the machine age such as smooth, polished surfaces is also typical for this design style. Marble effect emulations can create that authentic yet modern feel to any hospitality space. Marble flooring is ideal for a hotel lobby, while a marble-emulated bar would give your recreational space a high-end feel.

The 2023 hospitality interior design trends look more exciting than ever. Embracing wellness and luxury and a return to more natural, earthy tones, along with a play on 1920s/1930s art deco inspirations are all pointing to memorable hotel experiences imbued with artistry and serenity.

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