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Sustainable Messaging with Digital Signage

Digital signage helps you make a statement. You can use it to provide public information, convey internal communication, and advertise your products and services. It has another added benefit too – digital signage helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re looking to convey your message in a sustainable way, here is how to do it with digital signage. You will be able to save on your budget too.

Put an end to single-use paper

Many workplaces rely on paper to not only convey their internal communication but also to disseminate public information and advertise their products or services. Tons of flyers, posters, memos, and bulletin board messages are being printed by companies all around the world.

The paper, ink, toner, and frequent printer repairs can be pricey. But there is also a high environmental cost associated with paper messaging.

To put things into perspective, the average office worker is expected to use around 10,000 sheets of paper per year, which equates to slightly more than one tree per worker. Deforestation and the disposal of paper are some of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions. Moreover, to produce 10,000 sheets of paper per worker, 50,000 litres of water are required, which deprives our valuable reservoirs.

Give messaging methods a longer life span

Unlike single-use paper, digital signage allows businesses to constantly circulate information without the same level of environmental impact

Messages change rapidly, and businesses can’t keep up with the constant printing of new materials. While paper flyers and memos are disposed of after the message becomes outdated, digital screens allow businesses to update the information displayed in just a few clicks.

Once our team of dedicated specialists installs it, you can easily change the message to fit the purpose as many times as you wish, thus providing a long-lasting method of communication.

Display this week’s hot offer at the storefront and replace it with a weekend message on Friday. Set the screen to circulate multiple messages and display your opening hours. A screen in the office allows you to update your internal communication daily.

Digital signage helps you stay up-to-date and relevant to your staff and customers without harming the environment.

Busting the myth: digital signage doesn’t waste electricity

Digital signage is eye-catching. Compared to print media, it is highly visible and offers an array of layouts and opportunities for creativity. The LED and LCD technology used broadcasts high-quality images, making digital displays a vibrant and effective messaging tool. We work closely with our digital signage partners Scanlite to design, manufacture, and install all digital, LED, LCD signage while matching it with your brand.

There is a common misconception that digital signage contributes a lot to your electricity bill. However, it’s actually energy-efficient. It all comes down to the tech. The LED and LCD screens that are used have low energy consumption. For example, a standard 22-inch LED-backlit LCD display using 30 watts for 5 hours a day at £0.086 per kWh, will cost you £0.021 for a day.

Limiting energy consumption helps to reduce the environmental impact of your business. Moreover, LED digital screens are durable and have an extended life span, reaching up to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 years. To add to this, LEDs only emit light and some heat, but no infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

There are more ways you can reduce your energy consumption with digital signage:

  • Reduce the brightness of the screens to the minimum possible.
  • Make sure you turn off the displays when they’re not needed.
  • Use media players instead of PCs that project content onto the screens through an app. They have a much lower energy consumption than PCs.
  • When your digital signage hardware needs replacing, recycle its components to be used for new products.

Digital signage is a remarkable and eye-catching messaging solution for businesses with an array of purposes. It’s cost-effective and sustainable, helping companies to up their messaging game while reducing their carbon footprint. Check out our range of digital signage solutions and kick-start your business sustainability initiatives.





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