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The Future of Retail: Increasing Customer Spending

In the wake of the ongoing global recession, rising inflation and costs, retail is shaping up to accommodate the changing landscape of consumer spending habits. With consumers becoming more price-conscious and looking for ways to cut costs, it is critical for retailers to create hybrid shopping experiences and facilitate a seamless customer journey all in hopes of increasing customer spend while minimising overhead expenses.

Here are the latest innovative solutions businesses can adopt to make the most of their retail spaces using Novograf’s leading-edge products.


Blended environments

One trend that has emerged in recent years is blended environments. These are retail spaces that combine different functions, such as shopping and dining, to provide customers with a more immersive and engaging experience, thus attracting more customers and increasing sales.

Our work with Greggs on their partnership café with Primark, Tasty by Greggs, for example, is a demonstration of how two iconic brands can collaborate to create a blended space that caters to a variety of audiences. Located within the world’s largest Primark in Birmingham, the “experimental café” provides a unique shopping and dining experience unlike any other store. It features a picnic area, a refillable water station and a self-serve coffee cart that provides freshly brewed hot drinks for those who wish to skip the queue.

Novograf provided a full graphic fit-out from floor to ceiling, featuring our signature graphics, white brick 3D emulations, floating sausage rolls, escalator wrap and full floor graphic.

“The collaboration between Greggs, Primark, and Novograf is a precedent in history that is sure to be welcomed warmly by customers. A unique Greggs experience fused with innovative design and an exclusive clothing range – that’s the future of the ultimate customer experience,”


Self-service tills

Another trend gaining popularity in the retail design and function spaces is self-serve tills. These are automated checkout systems that allow customers to scan and pay for their items without the need for a cashier.

This not only speeds up the checkout process but also reduces labour costs for retailers. Just like the Tasty by Greggs café features a self-serve coffee cart for functionality and ease of the customer experience, so are many other retailers adopting the innovative checkout solution.

Novograf provides a range of till graphics that can help retailers create a more cohesive and branded self-service area that matches the store design. This will help them facilitate a more engaging and seamless checkout experience for their customers.


Cost-effective services

Cost-effective surfaces are another key strategy for retailers looking to increase customer spending. By using high-quality yet affordable materials, retailers can create a visually appealing space that will attract customers and encourage them to spend more.

Our 3D emulations, for example, are a great surface solution that can replicate virtually any material, such as wood, metal, or marble. They are not only more cost-effective than traditional surface products but also have an extended life span. If a patch gets damaged, it can easily be replaced and repaired without needing to change the whole thing. 3D emulations can be used to give your checkout points, stalls and furniture a new life.

Vinyl graphics are also a great way to transform your interior in a cost-effective way. They are high impact and can be used on any non-porous surface such as aluminium, fiberglass and glass. Graphic floors can also look incredibly effective and on-brand without breaking the bank. They are a great way to refresh your store floors quickly while lasting for years ahead.

Every surface you have is an opportunity for your customers to interact with you so make it count.

While we might be living in a challenging time for retail, the future of retail is looking to be packed full of innovative solutions centred around creating a seamless customer experience.

At Novograf, we have a range of products designed to help you create modern retail environments in line with the latest trends that are both cost-effective and designed with increasing customer spending in mind, so make sure to check them out.

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