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Increasing Christmas Footfall During an Economic Downturn
Concerns over the cost-of-living crisis are catching up with businesses too. While customers are trying to budget their Christmas shopping list, retailers are anticipating a low shopping season.

Luckily, with the right use of marketing and design techniques, businesses can increase footfall, while highlighting their ‘best value’ products. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


Capitalise on Black Friday

Footfall is predicted to decline in 2022 compared to last year, but November holds hope for retailers who are engaging in the Black Friday event.

“In contrast to the forecast for September, the drop in footfall in November this year will be mitigated by shoppers being likely to use the discounts available over the Black Friday period to buy Christmas presents with the hope of outrunning inflation,” commented Diane Wehrle, Insights Director at footfall tracking specialist Springboard.

As a retailer, you can lure customers into your shop by coming up with appetising Black Friday deals and advertising them prior to the event.

Use eye-catching external and window graphics in big print and the event’s signature black, white, and yellow colour scheme to inform passers-by about your offers. Inside the shop, direct them to the dedicated sales aisle with the use of wayfinders and internal signs.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, consider investing in hoarding graphics. You can strategically choose the location where you want your hoarding graphics displayed based on your target audience and have them on display 24/7. This is one of the most effective ways to increase footfall. A strategic placement matched with creative play in how the graphic is formatted will ensure your success and differentiate you from other retailers and shopping centres you’re competing against.


A freebie and a social media stall

Who doesn’t love a freebie, especially when everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs?

Freebies are an enticing way to attract new customers to your store. Have a staff member handing them outside of the store and make sure to uplift the Christmas mood with appropriate clothing and décor.

Next to the person giving away the freebies, place a social media pop-up stand. This is your opportunity to bring in a deal. For example, if a customer buys a body lotion, they get a lip balm for free. If they decide to make use of the deal, they also get the opportunity to take a photo at the social media stall and enter a competition to win another great product.

Although the customers might not have the initial intention to buy anything from you, a freebie and a good deal might encourage more sales. Plus, it will increase your brand awareness and foster a positive relationship with your customers, leading to more sales in the future.


Strategic product placement

For this Christmas period, it’s time to rethink your product placement game. Think about what goods your customers are more likely to buy during an economic crisis.

According to the “lipstick index”, sales of “affordable luxuries”, such as skin care, rise during economic declines. While it makes common sense that people would cut down on non-essentials, the index proves that people buy more little luxuries as a way to compensate for withholding from splurging on a designer bag or a piece of jewellery, for example.

We’ve seen that phenomenon repeat throughout history during the Great Depression and the 2008 recession. Make-up sales figures from this year are already indicating that history repeats itself.

It’s likely that people would want to surprise their friends and family with affordable luxury gifts on Christmas, so make sure you identify which of those products are present in your space, whether in person or online, and place them strategically.

The sections of your store that attract the most attention are the window display and the storefront, so make use of them. Infuse some merchandise magic to make the products look more glamorous. Window graphics and 3D signs will help you draw attention to those sections and create a cohesive brand design.

Digital signage

Step into the age of innovation and implement digital signage into your Christmas marketing campaign.

Digital signs are a sustainable and affordable way to display your brand message and offers both outside and in-store. They are eye-catching and can make a true statement that sets you out from your competitors.

The best thing about them is that the message on display changes based on your preferences. You can advertise your Black Friday campaign, Christmas deals, and best-sellers on a rotational basis on one screen only.

Increasing footfall during Christmas goes beyond having the right deals. Without proper advertising, merchandising, and store design, you are limiting your chances of being spotted amongst the competition.

At Novograf, we have a range of graphics and signage solutions to help you take your in-store design and advertising to the next level. Browse our products and get ready for a successful Christmas season despite the cost-of-living crisis.













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